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Read the following information and answer the next 4 questions on the next page.The space below is for your working i.e.the calcutions for the solutions to the questions.After you work out circle the right answer out of the five alternatives for each of these questions. Informanion : 10 persons work 8 hours a day and complete a job in 3 days. How many persons can do the job in 2 days ?

How many persons can to the job in 2 days,if each of then work 6 hours a day,instead of 8 hours a day ?

In how many days can I person do the job if he works 8 hours a day ?

In how many days can 8 persons do the job if each of them work 6 hours a day ?

A person can travel from dhaka to faridpur in 5 different ways and then come back in any of these ways.how many different flouters are possible for him to go to faridpur and come back ?

A product is sold at a discount by 8%.by how much % the original price was higher than the discounted price ?

Tk 206 is divided among x,y and z in such a way that y gets tk 6 more than x and z gets twice the amount got by x.what amount is received by y ?

A figure was reached by first multiplaying a number by 4 and then dividing the product by 100.the figure can be obtained by diving the original number by –

If 3x + 2y = 8 and 2x -y = 3 find value of x

If 10% deposit paid towards the purchase of a certain product is tk 1000,how much more in taka remains to be paid ?

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