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Sons age is one third of fathers age.is 12 years from now sons age will be one half of the fathers age.what is the age of the son at present ?

An amount is first discounted by 20% and then discounted again by 12.5%. what is the single discount in % ?

What would be the next number is the series : 5 + 11 + 19 + 29 + …. ?

If x = 25 and a = 10, then the value of x/x-a plus a/a-x is-

The average of x and y is 40 and that of y and z is 35.what is the value of x – z ?

If 40% of all women are voters and 52% of population are women.what % of the population are women voters ?

If 4 times an integer x is increased by 10, the result is always greater than 18 and less than 34. What is the least value of x?

When a positive integer k is divided by 6, the remainder is 3. What is the remainder when 5k is divided by 3?

For some value of x, 5(x + 2) = y. After the value of x is increased by 3, 5(x + 2) = z. What is the value of (z – y)?

In a triangle the lengths of two sides are 5 and 9, the length of the third side is represented by x. Which statement is always true?