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Indentify the correct part of speech of the word underlined in the sentence Whichever of the three sisters you choose to marry, you will have a good wife.

Most likely, this medication is __

How are the children’s dosages determined ?

What is the maximum amount of medication that should be taken by an adult in a four- hour period ?

For whom a dosage of two tea-spoonfuls be recommended ?

Read  the following instructions carefully and reply to the questions in serial No. 30-31 as the preceding three question :


Adults….2 table spoonfuls

Childre…..according to age

10-14 years….. 4 tea spoonfuls

6-9 years….. 2 tea spoonfuls

3-5 years….. 1 tea spoonfuls

Repeat the above dosage every half hour to I hour if needed until 8 does are take If relief does not occur within two days, consult a physicia Shake well before using.

According to instructions, what should you do before taking this medication ?

the atomic structure of viruses __ .

The writer says that viruses are alive because they __ .

Read the passage carefully and choose the one best answer (a), (b), (c) or (d) to each question put in serial No. 27-29
The influenza virus is a single molecule composed of millions of individual atoms. While bacteria can be considered as a type of plant, secreting poisonous substance into the body of the organism they attack, viruses, like the influenza virus, are living organisms themselves. We may consider them as regular chemical molecules since they have strictly defined atomic structure: but on the other hand, we must also consider them as being alive since they are able to multiply in unlimited quantities.
According to this passage, bacteria are __ .

Choose the sentence that is the closest restatement of the given sentence :

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