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At a book fair, Danesh buys three pencils that cost Tk. 3.25 each, and a color pen that costs Tk. 5. Which expression represents the amount of charge?

There are 92 girls in the Anthropology class. This is 40% of all the students. What is the total number of students?

At 5 : 15 p.m. what angle do the hands of a clock form?

What is the perimeter of the rectangle with diagonal 10 cm and width 6 cm?

In a village the growth rate of population is 5% every year. There are 1600 people in the beginning of 2008 what will be the approximate number of people in the village ?

The surface area of a cubic box is 150 cm2. What is the volume of that box?

By how much is the value of {-10 – (-7)} greater than the value of {-10 + (-7)}?

If x5 = 243, what is the value of x?

A brand of paint costs Tk. 14 per liter, and 1 liter of paint will cover an area of 150 square feet. What is the minimum cost of paint needed to cover?

Danny attended a test containing 40 questions. If he had corrected 18 questions out of the first 22, and two-third of the remaining questions, what percent remaining ?