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Six consecutive whole numbers are given the sum of the first three numbers is 27.what is the sum of the last three numbers ?

Least year I bought 1000 shares of sunshine enterprises at taka 17.25 per share.Today the stock is quoted at taka 17.375.How much profit shall I make by selling all the shares today ?

There boys have marbels in the ratio of 19:5:3 if the boy with the least number of marbles has 9 marbles,how many marles does the boy with the greatest number have ?

If 3x + 2y = 8 and 2x -y = 3 find value of x .

A manufacturer finds that 0.4% of his production is defective and unsuitable for marketing.How many of 1000 untis produced will be rejected.

If 3x = 2y and 6y = 7z what is the ratio of x to z ?

A circular flower bed has diameter 4m.The flowers bed is increased so that the diameter is now 12m.How many times larger is the new flower bed ?

If 2x + 7 =12 then, what is 4x – 7 ?

A train passes city X at 9.55 am and city Y at 10.15 am.The distance between cities X and Y is 45 miles.What is the average speed,in miles per hour of the train ?