After she had bought (A) himself (B) a new automobile, she sold (C) her (D) bicycle. No error (E)

These (A) televisions are all too expensive (B) for we to buy (C) at this time (D), but perhaps we will return later. No error (E)

Because (A) they had spent too many (B) times considering (C) the new contract, the students lost the opportunity to lease (D) the apartment. No error (E)

Buying clothes are (A) often a very time-consuming (B) practice because those (C) clothes that a person likes are rarely the ones (D) that fit him or her. No error (E)

Her chances of getting an A aren’t much better than the lottery

The two superpowers seemed to be in a constant battle to see who were stronger

Arshia hated taking charge, to draw attention to herself, and seeming like a know-it-all.

The flock of geese was startled by the shotgun blast.

Before moving to Dhaka, Ramim has lived in Chittagong for 17 years.

The next important (A) question we have (B) to decide (C) is when do we have to submit (D) the proposal. No error (E)