Category: Critical Reasoning

Drinking alcohol is bad for health. Yet a lot of people drink.

The above statement resembles to which of the following?

All good footballers want to win, and all footballers who want to win exercise regularly; therefore, all footballers who do not exercise regularly are bad footballers.

If the assumptions of the arguments above are true, then which of the following arguments must be true?

A classic red Ferrari is beautiful, even if there is no one to appreciate it.

Logically, this statement would contradict with which of the following?

Rasheeq thinks that he is intelligent. But that is not true since he has not managed to get into IBA.

The above argument is based on which of the following assumptions?

Shakib: “I just heard that Samantha flunked out of college”

Ramim: “That can’t be true; she got straight A’s in high school”

From the conversation above it can be inferred that ________________.

All Ferraris are red. And all Lamborghinis are red. Therefore, I conclude that all Ferraris are Lamborghinis.

The argument above is invalid because:

Nowadays it is very important to teach students to use smartphones effectively. Therefore students should be taught Python programming in school.

Which of the following if true most weakens the argument above?

Rakibul must be a football player. I saw him wearing a football jersey the other day.

The conclusion above is valid only if it is true that _______________.

Only the clever become rich.

Which of the following contradicts with the above statement?

Sourodip – “Only regular council members sit on the higher level committee meetings”

Zihan – “That’s not true; Shams is a regular council member and he has not been a part of the higher level committee meetings”

Zihan’s response implies that he incorrectly interpreted Sourodip’s statement to mean that