Pubali Bank Jr. Officer 09

  • Total Question: 85
  • Total Mark: 85
  • Total Time: 85 Min

1: Neither the ideas of philosophers nor the parcties of ordinary people can by themselves ___ reality what in fact changes reality and kindness revolution is the __ of the two .

2: If 45 is 120% of a number what is 80% of the same number ?

3: An imaginary state of society is called-

4: Lack of money ___ me badly in my pursuit of higher education.

5: _____ of these measures in increasing agricultural production will be known shortly.

6: He was very angry as usual however his angry words ___ me.

7: I was ____ in a lurch by all even by my close friends.

8: The peasant refused to grovel ____ the feet of his master.






14: Corpulent

15: August

16: Launch

17: Relied

18: Obtained

19: That can not be correct or improved.

20: A price of music played or sung by one person.

21: One man who hates woman .

22: A price of music played or sung by one person.

23: One who spends extravagantly

24: To think intensely

25: Salt:salty

26: Divide:unite

27: Crime:punishment

28: Just: Arbitrary

29: Ease:alleviate

30: If the radius of a circle is increased by 6% then the area of the circle is increased by-

31: If X is an integer then which of the following is always an even integer ?

32: If 4 is subtracted from 1/4th of a number the result is 20.what is that number ?

33: The average of a,b,c is 6 and a-b = 4, ab = 21, what is the value of c ?

34: If T were to become a left handed player how many different teams could be formed ?

35: If 3-x/1+x = 1,then x = ?

36: The ratio of the angles of a triangle is 2:3:4 what is the largest angle in degrees ?

37: In a class of 25 students 44% are boys.what is the ratio of boys to girls in the class ?

38: If Arif were 32 years older he would be three times as old as he is now how old is arif ?

39: If the product of three consecutive integers is 210,then the sum of the two smaller integers is-

40: 0.1 is how many times greater than 0.001 ?

41: Ramon masaysay awared is named after the former president of-

42: Find the missing number in the series 3,6,18,72,360-

43: Find the missing number in the series 1/16,1/4,4.

44: If the average of two numbers is M and the larger number is L the other number is-

45: which of the following fraction is the smallest ?

46: If p is the center of the circle then what fraction of the circle region is shaded ?

47: What is the difference between Bangladesh standard time and Greenwich mean time ?

48: what is the rate of value added tax applicable in Bangladesh ?

49: If 3 apples cost 19 cents,how many apples can be purchased for $ 1.52 ?

50: Duting the season arambag won 21 matches and lost 30% of their total matches.what was the number of matches that the team lost ?

51: How much will it cost to fence in a field that is 12 feet long and 42 feet wide with fence that cost $ 10 a yeard ?

52: A company increases every year salary of an officer by 20%.his salary in the year 2001 was tk 26,640.what was his salary in 1999 ?

53: How many minute will it take police car to travel a distance of d miles if it travels at m mile per hour ?

54: A and B are in the radio of 5:4,B and in the ratio of 3:2.what is the ratio of A:C ?

55: An ore contains 26% of copper,to get 91kgs of copper the quantity of are required is

56: Over which continent is the largest hole of the ozone layer ?

57: what percent of 50 is 2 ?

58: The expenditure on clothing is approximately what fraction of the expenditure on housing ?

59: The ratio of the transportation expenses to the medical expenses is-

60: The transportation expenses are what percentage expenses of food ?

61: Country which has the highest area-

62: Country which has the highest population-

63: Union which is at the furthest south of Bangaladesh .

64: In which country SAARC parliamentary affairs conference held in 2009 ?

65: Which of the following Colours is used as a symbol of Olympic ?

66: Although zahid is too much inexperieneced for the managerial position the is a willful young man and obdurately refuses to withdraw his application.

67: The famous book odyssey is written by

68: Which of the following is called city of culture ?

69: who directed the film named palassy to 32 dhanmondi ?

70: During liberation war of Bangladesh dhaka was under which sector ?

71: ____ of the story they got married.

72: Who is the third president of Russia ?

73: The secretariate of the SAARC is situated at-

74: The dog was ___ in front of the fire.

75: We ___ exchange gifts on eid day .

76: Which of the following banks has recently been declared to be a public ltd. Co. ?

77: One kilogram is equal to :

78: The capital of united Arab Emirates is :

79: The jumana bridge is the ___ largest bridge in the world.

80: After taking the 3rd quiz the average score of a student dropped from 82 to 78 . What was the score of his last quiz ?

81: which asian country belongs to the G-8 countries ?

82: Of the following countries which is a member of NATO ?

83: The tense of a verb is related to which of the following ?

84: which one is plural in number ?

85: He showed great enthusiasm contrary to what his supervisor had expected.