Pubali Bank Jr. Officer 05

  • Total Question: 56
  • Total Mark: 56
  • Total Time: 56 Min

1: The condemned prisoner was given a reprieve-

2: We had to put up with the inconvenience.

3: A man can cross 10 miles distance of a river in favor of the stream in 2 hours. He can come back against the stream along the same way is 5 hours.what is the average speed in miles per hour,for the entire trip ?

4: On a trip of 200 miles a man travels at the rate of 40 miles per hour for the first 100 miles for the rest of the trip,he travels at the rate of 55 miles per hour.what is his average speed in miles per hour for the total trip ?

5: In how many ways can a subcommittee of four persons be formed from amongst four woman and six men so that one particular man is always included ?

6: A number is selected at random from 40 to 50 inclusive.what is the probability that the number is prime number ?

7: A garden is 60m long and 20m wide.Inside the garden there is a 5m wide path around it.The area of the path is in square meter.

8: All 120 students in a class play cricket or football of both.75 paly cricket and play football.How many student play both ?

9: Murad bought equal numbers of 20 point and 30 paisa stamps.If the total cost of the stamps was tk 10,what was the total number of stamps bought ?

10: If x+y=4 and x-y=3 then x+2y is-

11: Six consecutive whole numbers are given the sum of the first three numbers is 27.what is the sum of the last three numbers ?

12: Least year I bought 1000 shares of sunshine enterprises at taka 17.25 per share.Today the stock is quoted at taka 17.375.How much profit shall I make by selling all the shares today ?

13: There boys have marbels in the ratio of 19:5:3 if the boy with the least number of marbles has 9 marbles,how many marles does the boy with the greatest number have ?

14: If 3x + 2y = 8 and 2x -y = 3 find value of x .

15: A manufacturer finds that 0.4% of his production is defective and unsuitable for marketing.How many of 1000 untis produced will be rejected.

16: If 3x = 2y and 6y = 7z what is the ratio of x to z ?

17: The minimum value of 2x

18: If (x+3) is a factor of px

19: If x = 25 and a = 10, then the value of x/x-a plus a/a-x is-

20: If x < y and y < -4,then which of the statement is not true ?

21: A circular flower bed has diameter 4m.The flowers bed is increased so that the diameter is now 12m.How many times larger is the new flower bed ?

22: If 2x + 7 =12 then, what is 4x – 7 ?

23: A train passes city X at 9.55 am and city Y at 10.15 am.The distance between cities X and Y is 45 miles.What is the average speed,in miles per hour of the train ?

24: First atom bomb was dropped in –

25: Sania mirza is a

26: Hepatitis C increases the risk of –

27: The world bank is a-

28: ICC officer has been shifted from lords, England to-

29: Phulbari coal mine is in –

30: Paharpur monastery is in-

31: which city is known as the pink city ?

32: which country has withdrawn its soldier from IRAQ ?

33: which one is the capital of Australia ?

34: what is the present form of government in Bangladesh ?

35: Fahad bin Abdul aziz was the king of –

36: Japanese currency is called-

37: Ecology is a word mostly used in the field of :

38: The name of the parliament of USA is :

39: Those cars __ an accident.

40: The train ___ from Paris.

41: My friends __ the pyramids.

42: where is the headquarters of European union ?

43: Asia cup cricket 2004 will be held in which country ?

44: On the night before the exam she was seen poring __ the books.

45: I was angry ___ the results.

46: your work is ___ important than your games.

47: I ___ a picture do you like it ?









56: which of the following is not an adjective ?