Exim Bank Cash Officer 2011

  • Total Question: 56
  • Total Mark: 56
  • Total Time: 56 Min

1: He was accused ____ stealing his aunts necklace.

2: Its very kind of you to ___ to speak at the meeting.

3: Sonia is quite intelligent but rather___.

4: He ___ in wearing the old fashioned coat in spite of his wife’s disapproval ?

5: She ___ a brief appearance at the end of party.

6: In each question a sentence is broken into parts with a number infront of each part.choose the option that joins those parts(expressed using the above mentioned numbers)to from a correct sentence question 6 to 9 : (1) I (2) immediately (3) salary (4) my (5) want

7: (1) was (2) and (3) nayan (4) kind (5) loving

8: (1) tea (2) have (3) that (4) some (5) before (6) you (7) would (8) like to

9: (1) him (2) the (3) to (4) charge (5) handover

10: Identification of correct spelling instruction:

11: Identification of correct spelling instruction..

12: Identification of correct spelling instruction.

13: Identification of correct spelling instruction.

14: Identification of correct spelling instruction:

15: বাংলা সাহিত্যের ইতিহাসে প্রথম মহিলা কবি কে ?

16: শূন্যপুরান এবং ডাক ও খানার বচন- এই গ্রন্থ দুটির রচিতা কে ?

17: বাক্য সংকোচন করুন:মৃত্তিকা দিয়ে তৈরি ।

18: ভাষার কোন রীতি কৃত্রিমতাবর্জিত ?

19: সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ করুন:বিদ্যালয়=

20: পাতিহাস শব্দটিতে পাতি উপসর্গটি কি অর্থ বোঝায় ?

21: নন্দিনী এর পতিশব্দ কোনটি ?

22: বাগধারার অর্থ নির্নয় করুন:ঢাকের কাঠি ।

23: In a class average the mark in an exam is 70.The average of students who scored below 60 is 50.The average of students who scored 60 or more is 75.If the total number of students in this class is 20,how many students scored less then 60 ?

24: The lengths of two sides of a triangle are? And 11.If the length of the third side is an integer what is the least possible perimeter of the triangle?

25: The lengths of two sides of a triangle are d+1,2d And 3d.The sum of the degree measures of the three interior angles of the triangle is-

26: It a,b, and c are three different positive tintergers less than 10 and greater than zero what is the greatest possible value of the expression(a+b)/c ?

27: In the last week of a month a car dealer sold 12 cars.A new sales promotion came out the first week of the next month and he sold 19 cars that week.what was the percent increase in sales from the last week of the previous month compared to the first week of the next month ?

28: Sarah is twice as old as her youngest brother.If the difference between their ages is 15 years.How old is her youngest brother?

29: A scientist found that the number of bacteria in a sample doubles every hour.If there were eleven bacteria in the sample at the start of the experiment how many bacteria were there after 8 hours ?

30: If the average of 11,17,x and y is 19,what is the average of (x+5) and (y-7) ?

31: 2 large and 1 small pumps can fill a water tank in 4 hours.one lare and 3 small pumps can also fill the same water tank in 4 hours.haw many hours will it take for 3 large and 4 shall pumps to fill the tank ?

32: which one of the following non Arab Muslim countries first recognized Bangladesh as an independent nation ?

33: Which of the following concepts refers to the sale of goods at a price which includes a profit margin agreed to by both parties ?

34: In Islamic banking what does IBS stand for ?

35: Great mind think

36: Among the following lights which one has the shortest wavelength ?

37: The average of six numbers is 4.If the average of two of those numbers is 2,what is the average of the other four numbers ?

38: In terms of land area the largest continent on the earth is-

39: If XYZ auto company sold 23,000 vehicles in 1999,how many were SUVs ?

40: Which one of the following is the brightest planet of the solar system as seen from the earth ?

41: who is the founder of Wikileaks ?

42: Which of the following countries claimed the title of the FIFA women’s world cup 2011 ?

43: How many districts constitute Dhaka Division ?

44: The main memory of a computer is also called-

45: To reload a web page which of the following button should be pressed in the web browser ?

46: one character is represented by-

47: In mainframe environment the __ terminal does not process data.

48: which type of disk can store up to 17GB of data ?

49: The common keyboard arrangement is called the ___ layout.

50: which one of the following is an example of file compression software ?

51: In Ms word which of the following is not a font style ?

52: It is time you ____ for a new job..

53: Find the odd word from each list..:

54: Find the odd word from each list-

55: Find the odd word from each list

56: A survey of gulshan found an average of 32 people per houshokd and a mean of 1.2 cars per household If 48,000 people live in Gulshan, how many cars are there in Gulshan ?