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which one is plural in number ?

In how many ways can a subcommittee of four persons be formed from amongst four woman and six men so that one particular man is always included ?

A number is selected at random from 40 to 50 inclusive.what is the probability that the number is prime number ?

All 120 students in a class play cricket or football of both.75 paly cricket and play football.How many student play both ?

Murad bought equal numbers of 20 point and 30 paisa stamps.If the total cost of the stamps was tk 10,what was the total number of stamps bought ?

The minimum value of 2x

If (x+3) is a factor of px

If x = 25 and a = 10, then the value of x/x-a plus a/a-x is-

If x < y and y < -4,then which of the statement is not true ?

Give me a hand ___ ?