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what is 35% of a number if 12 is 15% of a number ?

what percent of 112 is 14 ?

As yesterday is to tomorrow so Monday is to-

In Bangladesh on which date does the fiscal year end ?

If the numerator and the denominator of a proper fraction are increased by the same quantity then the resulting fraction is-

If 200% of a number is 90% then what is 80% of that number ?

Among the following lights which one has the shortest wavelength

Having scored 98 runs in the 19th innings a cricketer increase his average score by 4.what will be his average score after the 19th innings ?

If you have patience:(p) to become an interesting and enthusiastic listener (q) from the other person himself (r) and if you train yourself (s) you will get to know all the details first hand

As the whole human blood and its related blood products: (p) the collection and distribution is (q) are drugs, (r) and rules there under (s) regulated under drugs and cosmetics act